QD Exhaust is born, under the name Quat-D, as a craft business, specializing in the production of exhaust systems for four-stroke motorcycles. After several years spent in racing where it is acquired a high activity level of experience it grows consistently. In 2001 comes the need to give the company a more defined industrial connotation, without neglecting the quality and the search for “detail” craft.

It is well founded Quat-D LTD Investments made by the company do not relate only to the production and equipment, but also experience in the laboratory, where every day new solutions and materials are tested in the eternal pursuit of quality and performance.

QD Exhaust today

Today QD Exhaust is an industrial reality that has an operating unit of 1.300mq composed of administrative offices and design, and a warehouse with a storage medium able to meet the market demands.

The production standard is guaranteed by an integrated quality control process, the company is in fact in possession of the UNI EN ISO 9001 issued by TUV.

The processing of materials are carried out with advanced machinery, all the details of fixing are made of AISI 304 stainless steel laser cut, while the welds are TIG.

The QD experience department is managed in an integrated manner with the fluid dynamics design; all systems are dimensioned and calculated with sophisticated software in accordance with the market requirements in order to offer maximum performance sound levels and performance.