The exhaust systems of Ex-Box series are based on the principle of resonance chambers. Inside the Ex-Box there is a kind of “maze” of successive chambers in which the exhaust gases expand losing acoustic energy.

The volumes and the passages between these rooms are appropriately dimensioned and “tuned” according to the pressure waves generated by the engine, in this way ensures optimal thermal efficiency of the unit and a good abatement of the decibel output of the discharge level.

The installations of the Ex-Box give the bike a significant increase in dynamic range as the drain, already lighter than the original, and positioned very close to the ground, in a virtually free movement area during direction changes. Also being positioned below the front wheel axle decreases the moment of inertia braking that generates the sinking of the front fork and the raising of the rear axle.

The exhaust system of the Ex-Box series from your bike a touch of absolute class thanks to its exclusive design and unique in the world.