The exhaust systems of the Magnum series are derived from the experience gained in racing. The term derives from Magnum MAGNESIUM and highlights the characteristic given by the use of magnesium die-cast in the outlet end caps. This solution combines the maximum ratio between weight and durability, characteristics of a highly prized material which is magnesium.

The pad, characterized by an engaging and embellished by the QD embossed logo design, is made using a 50 tons die-casting process, the result is a high molecular density which ensure excellent mechanical characteristics are limited sections and consequently with a considerable containment of the weights.

The bottom of the Magnum series is also protected by a ceramic-based coating that protects it from corrosion of oil and petrol and environment strongly hydrocarbon acid, also the coating is resistant to 1400°C.

The Magnum Series terminals are designed into them to ensure maximum performance output and sound level meter, the system used inside provides a perforated barrel with a hole diameter 5mm 8mm step. The layering of the sound absorbing material has been studied to give the terminal a sound characterized by low frequencies of below 800Hz. With the same decibel level the tone of QD Magnum series terminals and low and deep, the best you could ask for to give your bike a “voice” with a strong character.

The QD Magnum series terminals are equipped with the GAS-EXTRACTOR system, this system favors the flow of exhaust gas, increasing the plant’s exhaust extraction. The GAS-EXTRACTOR creates a “pulsation” zone that absorbs the pressure waves generated by the engine by lowering the level of decibels.

The output of the GAS-EXTRACTOR is drawn with a plunge cut to the mouth of the terminal, for this reason generates asymmetric wave, this wave, crashesing against the lower lip of the terminal, shatters further lowering the noise level.