POWER-GUN is the name of our legendary exhaust system with an extreme look.

Born to equip mainly the bike of the MV’s the POWER-GUN series have also found application on other motorcycle models.The look is extreme, inspired by the exhausts of the American dragster of the category TOP-FUEL are characterized by the typical oblique cut of the tips, with the very precious final in ERGAL machined from solid with black teflon coated ergal tips while the DARK version is full black teflon coated.

The grids are easily removable underneath there are the db-killers that are helded by a circlip, in this way the exhaust can be used without the db-killers and leaving the grids on.

The silencing takes place through the use of a special stratification of mineral fibers combined with metal fibers, this specially designed composite allows to reach the right level of noise abatement and a very aggressive timbre at the exhaust, resisting the most extreme thermal stresses generated by engines to other performance and the presence of catalytic converters.

The systems of the POWER-GUN series are approved with European certification.

Nothing more extreme can be mounted on your bike than an exhaust of the POWER-GUN series