Main Warranty Terms
QD Exhaust ensures that all the products are produced in accordance with the required technical specifications and are suitable for each model application. Every QD Exhaust is checked individually. The warranty is valid for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase, and it is valid only if supported by a regular purchase invoice. The warranty can be extended to 30 months if activated by the registration of the SERVICE CARD. The exhaust that needs a warranty repair must be returned to QD Exhaust without delivery charges and complete of the following documents:

• Copy of purchase document
• Custormer’s full details (name, address)
• Reseller’s full details (even in case of e-commerce)
• Clear description of the defect

QD Exhaust will not accept any warranty claim without the copy of the purchasing invoice.
The warranty is limited to the replacing of the damaged parts or re-welding, all the consumption materials, such as rock-wool and gaskets, are out of warranty. All the carbon fiber parts are sold without warranty. All the painting is covered by warranty only in case of detachment, a change of color is normal due to the heat of the exhaust gas. All the repaired parts are covered by warranty for 12 months and the expiring of the warranty still remains 24 months from the purchasing date.
In case of fitment defect (the exhaust cannot be fitted on the motorbike) the exhaust MUST NOT BE USED, QD Exhaust will not accept any warranty claim if the engine has been turned on and the exhaust worked.
NOTE: all racing (not homologated) exhaust, all the carbon fiber parts and all the painted parts, are not covered by warranty except in case of fitment defect.

Out of Warranty Terms
In case of warranty denied QD Exhaust will make a quotation of the repairing costs that will be forwarded to the customer.
The customer must accept or reject the quotation within 15 days, without any communication from the customer, or in case of non-acceptance, QD will return the product with charge of 50 euro for managing plus the delivery costs.

Warranty Exceptions
Warranty is void in the following situations:
• Damages, road/driving accidents, natural events
• Inappropriate use of the motorbike (off road use, racing tracks, strong use)
• Any modification or manumission (also the removing of the baffle and of the catalyst, painting)
• Inappropriate fitting of the exhaust on a vehicle which the exhaust is not designed for

Every packaging must be checked immediately when receiving from the courier, the package must be perfectly sealed and not showing any kind of damaging hits or holes. In case of “transport damage” the customer must notify to the courier and to the company.
We recommend to check the completeness of the kit before starting the mounting operation and follow the instruction.

All the mounting operations must be done by specialized personnel.

The manufacturer has the right to do any modification to the product without giving comunication.